Sunrise & sunset – some of my favourite times to take photographs, a fleeting time, often requiring a dedication: getting up early in the summer; or out and about in the depth of the winters; and all the while, results are not always guaranteed.  My contribution to this week’s photo challenge Rise & Set.

But sometimes it all comes together. There is a quality to the light special, as can be the colours at these transition times. Qualities unavailable before and after, so that when you do get the shot, the results are spectaculars. Results which showcase the countryside,  but adds a sparkle even to the brutalist of concrete buildings.


The Aylesbury Estate in London during the sunrise. Started in the 1960s, a feature on my personal horizon all of my life. Concrete blocks soar into the sky, with walkways crisscrossing all around. The concrete walls, home to many thousands over the years,  now scheduled for redevelopment. In the first, the early winter sun baths the grey walls in golden light, captured in the reflection from a barricaded walkway. Whilst on the same shot, walking to the northern side of the fenced off estate the light golden on its eastern flank, now cool and blue.

Sunrise sunset-7671

Whilst out doing an early shoot of the Aylesbury Estate in the moonlight, turning around I caught the first rays of the sun advancing over London, and Burgess Park.


Here are a few of my sunset shots. The first across the rooftops of Camberwell. the next two whilst on holiday in the Isle of Wight and the last, an HDR composition of a series of photographs from on top the Guildhall Blakeney.


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